About Our Certificate Programs

The Center for Teaching & Learning is working to develop a range of certificate programs designed to equip faculty with the knowledge and skills they need to support innovation and student success in both face-to-face classrooms and in online learning environments.


These programs will typically require 15 to 20 hours of active participation over the course of a semester, and offer faculty the opportunity to focus on a given aspect of teaching and learning.


While each certificate program will differ in its objectives and requirements, all of them will follow the faculty learning community model, in which members interact both face-to-face and online in order to learn concepts, share and discuss ideas, and model and practice new skills.


The culmination of a certificate program will be the application of the new skills in your own classroom during an implementation phase.


The Learning Community model provides a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, and faculty who have experienced this model attest to its value in not only learning new information, but also in giving them the time and support needed to design ways to make a real difference in their own classrooms.


Online Instructor Certification

Why Become Certified?

If you teach online at SFASU, or plan to teach online in the future, becoming a Certified Online Instructor makes good sense. The Online Instructor Certification course (OIC course), and the pre-requisite D2L training, will help you learn and practice the technical skills you'll need to teach online as well as the pedagogical skills and best practices needed to design and deliver quality online courses.


In addition to the numerous pedagogical benefits, instructors who are certified to teach online here at SFASU are eligible to receive stipends for the development and delivery of fully online courses.


Becoming a Certified Online Instructor at SFASU

All faculty (including part-time faculty and adjuncts) at SFASU are eligible to become Certified Online Instructors. Staff and GAs may also be eligible to complete the certification course, with permission of their supervisors or Chairs.


The Online Instructor Certification course (OIC course) provides faculty with the pedagogical skills needed for teaching online, including the Principles of Good Practice (PoGP), around which high quality, effective online courses are designed. Course participants will create a single content module in D2L (that could potentially become part of a full online course).


To become a Certified Online Instructor at SFASU, faculty must:


  • Notify CTL that they are interested in becoming certified. Send an email to osbornel@sfasu.edu or call us at 936.468.5832.

  • Complete the pre-requisite D2L training. This may be accomplished via a series of four face-to-face workshops (8 hours). To register for training, log into mySFA, click the Employee tab, then select the myTraining link.

  • Successfully complete the OIC course. The course runs about 12 weeks each fall and spring semester. The course is also sometimes offered once during the summer if there is sufficient and qualified demand.


Space is limited: Each class may only accept 25 applicants. Please contact us and complete the pre-requisite D2L training as soon as possible to ensure that you are eligible for the OIC course the next time it is offered.


OIC Course Expectations

There are real deadlines in the OIC course as well as a small amount of group work; these elements are designed to give participants a realistic online course experience, emulating some of what participants' own students will encounter in the future.


The course includes discussions, quizzes, and assignments. The workload is roughly equivalent to a light, 3-hour college course in that participants will be expected to put in several hours of work per week for most of the duration of the course, with more time possibly being required towards the end when the sample module is due.


OIC Course Dates for Summer 2015

The deadline for completing D2L prerequisite training for eligibility for entry into the Summer 2015 OIC course and notifying Laura Osborne of your intention to register for the OIC course is Friday, May 22. The course will begin in June, and will run approximately 8-9 weeks, during which participants will need frequent access to a computer with an internet connection, and will be expected to complete course activities on a weekly basis.


Note: The OIC course will be offered in Summer 2015 only if a minimum of 10 people have 1) met the prerequisites and 2) notified Laura Osborne of their intention to enroll by the deadline listed above.


OIC Course Dates for Fall 2015

The deadline for completing D2L prerequisite training for eligibility for entry into the Fall 2015 OIC course and notifying Laura Osborne of your intention to register for the OIC course is Friday, September 18. The course will begin the following week.





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