The Center for Teaching & Learning coordinates distance education at SFA. 


Stephen F. Austin State University has a strong tradition of excellence in higher education. SFA uses cutting edge technology to bring educational opportunities to students throughout East Texas and around the world.


SFA's online programs are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Additionally, individual programs are also accredited by national accrediting bodies in their specific fields. For example, our online teacher certification programs were among the first in the nation and are accredited by the National Council of Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE). Our online Master of Music Education degree is one of the few in the nation and is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.


SFA ONLINE instructors are trained and certified to teach effectively online and bring years of professional and teaching experience to our courses. SFA ONLINE programs are quite affordable and are priced the same as campus-based courses with an additional fee of only $33 per credit hour. Students living outside the State of Texas may also be eligible for a discount off our normal out-of-state tuition.


Deadlines for Approval of Online Courses

Courses which are approved for online delivery at SFA undergo a process through which best practices in online education are evidenced. Faculty involved in the creation of online courses work closely with our instructional designer to create quality learning experiences for online students. The CTL's deadlines for designing and reviewing online courses are tied to university deadlines for departments to complete upcoming semester(s') course schedules. Please contact the instructional designer at least a few weeks before the desired meeting to ensure plenty of time to prepare for the meeting.


Deadlines for courses that will be taught online for the first time in a Summer or Fall semester:

February 1st design plan meeting must be held by this date

March 1st final review meeting must be held by this date


Deadlines for courses that will be taught online for the first time in a Spring semester:

September 1st design plan meeting must be held by this date

October 1st final review meeting must be held by this date


Certified Online Instructors who are planning to develop a course that will be offered in a fully-developed online format for the first time in Summer or Fall 2018 must complete a design plan meeting before February 1, 2018. In this meeting, they must present at least two completed instructional modules. Final review meetings must be held by March 1, 2018. So that we may focus on helping faculty meet the annual March 1 and October 1 deadlines for final review, the Center for Teaching & Learning does not conduct design plan meetings during the months of February or September.


All design plan meetings and final review meetings are coordinated by Megan Weatherly, CTL's Instructional Designer. Megan may be reached by email at msweatherly@sfasu.edu and by phone at 936.468.1735. Strongly suggested: Contact Megan at least two weeks in advance of the meeting deadlines in order to allow adequate time for scheduling, feedback, and collaboration.


Guides and Forms for Distance Education

Faculty beginning the process of becoming a Certified Online Instructor and developing online courses or programs should take multiple factors into consideration. The following resources will answer many questions:




Course Forms
Program Request Forms



For questions regarding distance education processes and procedures, contact Megan Weatherly at 936.468.1735 or msweatherly@sfasu.edu.





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