What is it?

  • The difference between formative and summative assessment is in their purpose and timing. Formative assessment occurs during the learning process in order to assess student comprehension and to provide instructors with information they can use to better direct and facilitate students' learning. Summative assessment occurs at the conclusion of an instructional activity, unit, or course in order to evaluate student learning and outcomes.


Why incorporate formative assessment?


What are some best practices for higher ed?


What does literature say?


Tools to implement formative assessment techniques

  • Response Card NXT - Classroom clicker system used to capture student responses to ad hoc surveys, exams, or attendance.

  • Kahoot - A game based student response system. 

  • NearPod​ - Create presentations that you can push to students' devices for them to interact with all the while you are able to monitor their progress. 

  • Poll Everywhere​ - Interactive polling and formative assessments in real-time. 

  • Socrative - A student response system that allows you to collect answers from students using the web.


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