We offer confidential individual consultations to faculty members, instructors, and teaching assistants who wish to discuss specific teaching concerns and effectiveness as they relate to a particular class or classes. As part of the consultation process, you may request personal classroom observations or a video recording. We can also provide and discuss additional resources on teaching methods. Consultations are confidential, non-evaluative, and free of charge.


Why request a consultation?


Because you:


  • would like to get new perspectives on your teaching, discuss alternate approaches and new ideas, and/or expand your repertoire of teaching strategies.

  • would like to discuss other aspects of instruction and course management. For example, we can assist you with planning a course, creating a syllabus, working with problem students, planning a single activity, or assessing student learning.

  • want to discuss issues relating to a class you are teaching and feel that you would be unable to do so with departmental colleagues who might be involved with hiring, promotion or tenure-related activities.

  • have specific questions and concerns related to teaching and learning.


Benefits of Individual Consultation


  • Trying new approaches can be reinvigorating.

  • Working through problem areas will decrease stress and make teaching more fun again.

  • Participating in this activity can be documented on your annual report.


How to Schedule a Consultation


To schedule a consultation, email




Ralph W. Steen Library, 2nd floor


Stephen F. Austin State University


Nacogdoches, Texas




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