Stephen F. Austin’s refreshed classrooms are designed to foster collaboration through interactive, flexible, student-centered learning experiences. The push to refresh classrooms began in 2014 with the allocation of funds for technology upgrades in five classrooms. At CTL's urging, additional funds were set aside in 2015 to upgrade those classrooms with flexible furniture. In 2016, the Teaching & Learning Advancement team (a strategic planning team) recommended that nearly $2.4 million be set aside in future years for continued classroom refreshes.

As of Spring 2019, the university has refreshed 18 classrooms, including: Business 127, Business 167, Ferguson 179, Ferguson 183, Ferguson 292, Ferguson 375, Ferguson 475, Human Sciences North 102, HPE 203, HPE 223, HSTC 321, Math 205, Math 209, Math 213, McKibben 258, McKibben 269, McKibben 351, McKibben 451. Capacities of the rooms vary from 20 to 48 students.


These classrooms feature:

  • moveable tables

  • moveable chairs

  • electric, adjustable-height podium

  • wireless presentation (allows faculty and/or students to present from mobile devices or tablets)

  • ample whiteboard space

  • document camera

  • Blu-Ray and DVD players

  • auxiliary plug-in (to connect a laptop or similar device)

  • desktop computer

  • electric screens

  • projector(s)

  • central touch panel for controlling above technologies

These classrooms are also aesthetically pleasing and feature modern paint colors and carpeting.




Ralph W. Steen Library, 2nd floor


Stephen F. Austin State University


Nacogdoches, Texas




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