OCI is a coordinated event in which willing faculty open their classrooms to colleagues for visitation and observation. The event is intended to raise faculty awareness of different teaching and learning methods, techniques, and philosophies in different contexts, to foster pedagogical conversations, to build a community of practitioners, and to make teaching more transparent. OCI is open to all faculty, staff, graduate/teaching assistants, and education students.

In 2019, OCI will take place on the weeks of March 25 and April 1.

Participating faculty include Nick Long, Jane Long, Mychelle Smith, Amber Wagnon, Maggie Leysath, Lauren Burrow, Linda Black, Mark Montgomery, Sarah Drake, Kelsey Pelham, Angela Jones, Chrissy Cross, Joyce Johnston, Sarah Straub, and Lauren Selden.

To participate in the OCI:

  1. View the full schedule of OCI classes, dates, and times, and identify the class(es) that you'd like to observe.

  2. If the class you'd like to observe is online, contact Megan Weatherly at for access.

  3. If the class you'd like to observe is face-to-face, complete this form.

  4. On the date and time you've selected, observe your colleague(s)!

Registration information and a full schedule of open classes and participating faculty will be posted soon. Interested in opening your class for observation? Email us at




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