The 2019 Teaching Showcase was held Wednesday, February 20 at 2 p.m. in the BPSC Multimedia Room.


What is the Teaching Showcase?


The Teaching Showcase provides faculty, staff, and teaching assistants the opportunity to share best practices, recognize colleagues’ innovative teaching methods, and hold cross-disciplinary conversations to create better learning opportunities for students. This event will be held annually.


Who can present?

Faculty, staff, and teaching assistants are welcome to submit presentation proposals.

A committee reviews proposals and selects 10 presenters. Presenters are announced in early February.

I have a cool teaching strategy. Can I be a presenter?


We open the call for proposals each spring and announce the call via SFA Today and email. We'd love to hear your cool teaching ideas!

What are some of the topics that have been presented in the past? How can I view past presentations and/or contact a past presenter?

The Center for Teaching & Learning is happy to provide contact information, presentation materials, and video of each of the 2019 presenters:


Dr. Lauren Burrow (Department of Elementary Education) | burrowle@sfasu.edu

Windows into Learning
Presentation Materials | Video


Dr. Court Carney and Dr. Hunter Hampton (Department of History) | carneycp@sfasu.edu and hamptonh@sfasu.edu

Podcasting the Past
Presentation Materials | Video


Dr. Scott Drury (Department of Psychology) | drurygs@sfasu.edu

Using a Powerful Anchoring Heuristic to Address Effect and Variability

Presentation Materials | Video


Dr. Maggie Leysath | leysathmn@sfasu.edu

Interactive Notebooks and Art for Elementary Teachers

Presentation Materials | Video


Ms. Kelley McDonald (Richard & Lucille DeWitt School of Nursing) | mcdonaldka1@sfasu.edu

Fluid and Electrolytes Gallery Walk

Presentation Materials | Video


Dr. Chris McKenna (Department of Business Communication & Legal Studies) | mckennacj@sfasu.edu

Persuasive Messaging via Italian Opera, Pop Stars, Horror Novelists, and the Rainbow Fruit Company

Presentation Materials | Video


Dr. Elizabeth Spradley (Department of Languages, Cultures, and Communication) | espradley@sfasu.edu

Constructing and Visually Representing Arguments

Presentation Materials | Video


Dr. Bailey Thompson (Department of Mass Communication) | thompsonba@sfasu.edu

AP Style Jenga

Presentation Materials | Video


Ms. Katy Trotty (Richard & Lucille DeWitt School of Nursing) | carrollka1@sfasu.edu

Marco Polo and Meaningful Discussion

Presentation Materials | Video


Get more great ideas from the presentations at the 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Teaching Showcases!


For more information, contact Megan Weatherly at msweatherly@sfasu.edu.





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