Turnitin Feedback Studio is SFA's licensed plagiarism prevention and detection software. Turnitin can compare a student's paper to thousands of other previously submitted papers, as well as the internet, to detect similarities and potential plagiarism. This tool can be used to encourage academic honesty.


It is integrated into Brightspace via the Dropbox (assignments) tool. To use Turnitin, simply create a new Dropbox folder in your Brightspace course, name it whatever you want, and be sure to check the "OriginalityCheck" checkbox right beneath the field where you entered the folder's title. As students submit their files, Turnitin generates originality reports for you to see.


Turnitin also allows you to comment on students' files online using the interactive Grademark system. This feature allows instructors to pass the feedback and grades directly back into the Brightspace Dropbox tool.

For more information, questions, or to arrange for consultation or training on using Turnitin, contact our Turnitin administrator and trainer, Laura Osborne, at 936.468.5832 or by email at osbornel@sfasu.edu.





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